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Child Death Overview Panel

What is the role of the Child Death Overview Panel?

Statutory guidance states ERSCP must review the deaths of all children who are normally resident in their area and put in place procedures to ensure that there is a coordinated response by relevant organisations to unexpected death of a child. Statutory Guidance on Learning and Improvement sets out the process that must be followed when undertaking these reviews.

The East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership is responsible for collecting and analysing information about the deaths of children and young people (up to the age of 18) within East Riding. From this information, it should be possible to identify patterns and trends and take specific action to prevent some similar deaths in the future.

The aims of the child death review process are:

  • to learn from all child deaths, enabling changes which prevent future deaths

  • to standardise the way in which each death is looked at and provide feedback to families as to the causes of death

  • in the rare cases where homicide has occurred, to collect information in a way that prevents unsafe convictions but supports convictions where appropriate

  • to ensure that families are offered bereavement services.

Agencies must notify East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership of a child death. The child death notification form can be downloaded below:

Notification of a child death form (Word 39.71Kb)

All representatives from each key agency will be asked to complete as much of an agency report form, sent by the child death overview panel (CDOP) Team, as they are able, drawing on a review of the agency records and discussions with individual practitioners. Some aspects of the form are specific to individual agencies but all should be able to prepare summaries of relevant information available to them. This form can be downloaded below:

Agency Report Form (Word 42Kb)

Once all agency reports are received, the CDOP manager will collate the information onto one form for eventual consideration at the Child Death Overview Panel. All information will be anonymised. A guide for parents and carers can be downloaded below:

The child death review - a guide for parents (pdf 1.57Mb)

Child Death National Statutory and Operational Guidance (pdf 1.35Mb)