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Procedures and guidance

What are the local procedures and guidance?

One of the core functions of East Riding Safeguarding Children Board is to develop policies and procedures including those on action taken where there are concerns about the safety and welfare of a child, including thresholds for intervention. 

We are continuing to review and update our procedures in order to ensure they reflect  recent changes in legislation. If you have any queries please discuss them with your manager or child protection lead.

Assessing and Providing Early Help

This guidance is for everyone who works with children and young people and their families in East Riding of Yorkshire. It is about the way we can all work together, share information, and take a child centred approach.

Early Help Guidance (pdf 810kb opens in a new window)

The Early Help Assessment Tool and Guidance can be downloaded below:

Early Help Assessment for Families (Word 335kb opens in a new window)

Early Help Assessment Guidance (Word 431kb opens in a new window)

The ERSCB threshold guidance below offers a model and a framework for identifying needs and analysing risk when working to strengthen and support families. It should be used as guidance and is not intended to restrict the judgement of professionals and volunteers

The guidance and confirmation of a referral form can be downloaded below:

Threshold Document - Guidance for early help, targeted, specialist and statutory support (pdf 1.8MB opens in a new window)

Confirmation of a referral form (Word 1.19kb opens in a new window)

 Assessment Protocol 2015 (pdf 366kb opens in a new window)

The aim of the Assessment Protocol is to ensure that there is a unified and consistent approach to assessment that defines roles and responsibilities to protect the safety and wellbeing of all children within the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Child Protection Conferences (Word  943kb opens in a new window)

The ER Signs of Safety practice guidance and glossary of terms can be downloaded here:

Signs of Safety in the East Riding (word 481kb opens in a new window) 

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Children in Specific Circumstances

Children with Disabilities (pdf 180kb opens in a new window)

Child Sexual Exploitation (pdf 942kb opens in a new window)

Fabricated or Induced Illness (pdf 227kb opens in a new window)

Female Genital Mutilation (pdf 280kb opens in a new window)

Hidden Harm (Parental Alcohol and/or Substance Misuse) Procedures and Guidance (Word pdf opens in a new window)

Runaway or Missing from Home or Care Protocol (pdf 1Mb opens in a new window)

Self Harm and Suicide (pdf 1.6mb opens in a new window)

Guidance Documents

Allegations of abuse made against adults who work with children (pdf 233kb opens in a new window)

Online Safety Guidance (Word 227kb opens in a new window)

Information Sharing Advice for Safeguarding Practitioners (pdf 266kb opens in a new window)

Resolving inter-agency disagreements - guidance and protocol (pdf 217kb opens in a new window)

Safer Recruitment Guidance (pdf 162mb opens in a new window)

Working Together 2015 (pdf 1.56mb opens in a new window)

What to do if you are worried a child is being abused (pdf 320kb opens in a new window)


Local Authority Procedures

You can access the Local Authority Childcare Procedures Library here