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Workshop to raise awareness of Prevent (WRAP)


Prevent aims to reduce the number of people becoming or supporting violent extremists and is part of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy.

This introductory workshop to Prevent is about supporting and protecting those people that might be susceptible to radicalisation, ensuring that individuals and communities have the resilience to resist violent extremism.

Target Audience

Front-line staff including those in social care, youth services, adult services, education and housing.


This workshop aims to give you:

  • an understanding of the Prevent agenda and your role within it
  • the ability to use your existing expertise and professional judgement to recognise potentially vulnerable individuals and know when an intervention may be necessary to support them
  • knowledge of when, how and where to refer concerns about vulnerable individuals.

Dates and Venues

Course dates
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Please contact Lisa Clappison - ERSCP Training Officer for details

The police guidance is that professionals should all take online PREVENT training (Link Here) as it is being continuously updated rather than WRAP training - if you require more information please contact lisa.clappison@eastriding.gov.uk 

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