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Working Together to Safeguard Children


(Equivalent to Health inter-collegiate level 3)

Commencing at 9.30am to 4.30pm

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It is a requirement that staff undertaking this course will have completed AWARENESS OF CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT or  Refresher within last 3 years


To achieve an understanding of the need for inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and how this will be implemented in the East Riding.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • developed a shared understanding of the tasks, processes, principles, roles and responsibilities outlined in national guidance and local arrangements for safeguarding children and promoting their welfare;
  • a clear understanding that all agencies must follow ERSCB Procedures & Guidance to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people;
  • improved communication through a common understanding of key terms, definitions and thresholds for action;
  • fostered effective working relationships, including an ability to work in multi-disciplinary groups or teams
  • enhanced decision-making, based on information sharing, thorough assessment, critical analysis and professional judgement.

This course is designed to promote integrated working and help professionals from different agencies to network therefore we recommend that you attend a course taking place in the area in which you work

Course dates
 Ref Code
 Date  Venue
WT 04.05.17 Thurs 4 May 2017
County Hall, Beverley
WT 05.06.17 Mon 5 June 2017  Seminar Rm 3, Bishop Burton College
WT 04.07.17 Tues 4 July 2017  County Hall, Beverley 
WT 06.09.17 Wed 6 September 2017 Beverley Leisure Centre 
WT 12.10.17 Thurs 12 October 2017 Goole Leisure Centre
WT 06.11.17 Mon 6 November 2017 Bridlington North Library
WT 06.11.17 Tues 12 December 2017 Bishop Burton College

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